Will Microsoft Finally Unveil the Surface Phone in 2024?

Will Microsoft Finally Unveil the Surface Phone in 2024?


The prospect of a Microsoft Surface Phone has been rumored for years. As a major player in the smartphone market with Windows Phone and more recently with the Surface line of mobile devices, Microsoft is well positioned to release a true Surface Phone. But after cancelled projects and shifting priorities in recent years, many wonder if 2024 will finally be the year the Surface Phone becomes a reality.

The History of Windows Phone and Surface

Microsoft entered the smartphone market in 2010 with the release of Windows Phone 7. The new platform offered a unique tile-based interface but struggled to gain market share in competition with iOS and Android. After partnerships with Nokia and acquisition of their devices division, Microsoft released increasingly improved Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Despite innovations in design, Microsoft’s smartphone efforts failed to take off. By 2017 they had stopped developing new Windows phones. However, Microsoft found success by adapting their mobile strategy to focus on the Surface line of mobile devices. Debuting in 2012, the Surface tablets and laptops became very popular and showed Microsoft could compete in mobile hardware.

This success has revived speculation that Microsoft may leverage what they learned from Surface to finally launch a true Surface Phone. Especially since they have not given up on mobile, continuing to develop Windows 10X for dual-screen devices.

Why 2024 Could be the Year for a Surface Phone

There are a few reasons why 2024 seems a likely target for Microsoft to unveil a Surface Phone:

Mobile Technology Advancements

  • By 2024, the technology powering smartphones will be significantly improved over what exists today. With faster 5G networks rolling out and new processors on the horizon, a 2024 Surface Phone could take full advantage of these advancements.

Timing in the Market

  • The smartphone market may be ready for disruption by 2024. Apple and Samsung have dominated for over a decade. There could be appetite for something new from a rejuvenated Microsoft mobile effort.

Surface Brand Momentum

  • The Surface brand has earned Microsoft credibility in mobile hardware and technical innovation. By 2024 the Surface line will have been established for over 12 years, giving Microsoft a strong foundation to expand into phablets or smartphones.

Windows 10X

  • Microsoft is developing Windows 10X for dual screen and foldable devices. While not confirmed, this OS could power a future Surface Phone and offers unique capabilities.

What We Might See in a Surface Phone in 2024

If Microsoft unveils a Surface Phone, here are some potential features we could see based on current rumors and company developments:

  • Seamless integration with Windows 10 – Tight integration with Microsoft’s desktop OS has been a goal since their Windows Phone efforts started. This would continue with a Surface Phone.

  • Foldable display – Dual screens and foldable displays are clearly part of Microsoft’s mobile hardware strategy going forward. This tech would likely be featured on a 2024 Surface Phone.

  • Powerful processor – Expect a Surface Phone to include the latest high-end mobile processors expected in 2024.

  • Top of the line camera – Camera quality is an essential feature Microsoft emphasized with the Lumia phones. Their expertise in this area from the Nokia acquisition could result in a best-in-class camera on a Surface Phone.

Why Microsoft Might Not Launch the Surface Phone

Of course, there’s no guarantees Microsoft will finally launch the much anticipated Surface Phone, even by 2024. Here are some reasons they may still hold off:

  • They have shifted focus away from mobile andWindows Phone after past failures.

  • The Surface line is popular without expanding into phones. Microsoft may not want to mess with a good thing.

  • Developing a new smartphone system requires massive investment that may not pay off.


After past Windows Phone disappointments many are skeptical about Microsoft’s chances in the smartphone arena. But with Surface they have shown they can make excellent mobile devices people want. If Microsoft takes what they learned and combines it with improving technology like foldable displays and 5G networks, 2024 looks like the right time for the Surface Phone to finally make its debut. But only time will tell if Microsoft is willing to bet big on phones again after so many stumbles. One thing is clear – if a Surface Phone arrives in 2024, it will need to dramatically disrupt the market to succeed.



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