Top New Features in Windows 11 Youll Love

Top New Features in Windows 11 Youll Love

A Fresh New Look

Windows 11 comes with a gorgeous new design that looks cleaner and more modern. The rounded corners and pastel colors give it a friendly, approachable vibe. I especially love the new centered Start menu and Taskbar – it makes the interface feel less cluttered.

The transparency effects are also lovely. For example, when I open the Start menu or hover over the Taskbar icons, I get a blurred view of my wallpaper in the background. This adds depth and makes Windows 11 feel more immersive.

Overall, Microsoft nailed the visual overhaul. Windows 11 simply looks and feels more refined than previous versions. The redesigned system fonts like Segoe UI Variable also make text look sharper on screens.

Streamlined Multitasking

Windows 11 makes multitasking more intuitive with features like Snap Layouts and Snap Groups.

With Snap Layouts, I can quickly snap windows into various configurations to optimize my screen real estate. For instance, I can snap two apps side by side or put one app on the top half of my screen and two apps stacked vertically on the bottom.

Snap Groups takes it further by letting me save and instantly restore these snapped window layouts. I love creating Snap Groups for different tasks – one for browsing and productivity, another for photo editing, etc. It makes switching between multitasking workflows a breeze.

The new Taskbar previews also make multitasking easier. Hovering over a Taskbar icon neatly displays a preview of the window, helping me quickly switch between apps. Overall, Microsoft added some thoughtful enhancements to streamline multitasking.

Widgets & a Revamped Microsoft Store

The addition of Widgets introduces a new way to get glanceable information on Windows 11. The Widgets panel displays a customizable feed of news, weather, sports, and other updates.

I really like how I can quickly peek into Widgets from the Taskbar without fully switching contexts. The content is also customizable, so I can pick which feeds and topics I’m interested in. It’s a convenient way to stay updated on things like stock prices, traffic conditions, and more.

The Microsoft Store has also been redesigned to be more open and user-friendly. The biggest change is that developers can now submit any Windows app to the Store, unlike the strict submission process previously. This opens the door to more diverse apps.

Downloading and updating apps through the Store also feels faster and smoother now. The improved search makes it easier to find apps too. Overall, the new Widgets panel and Microsoft Store enhancements are great additions in Windows 11.

Better Gaming Features

Windows 11 introduces some neat gaming-focused capabilities as well. One of my favorites is DirectStorage, which uses the fast NVMe SSD storage in modern PCs to accelerate game load times.

In supported games, DirectStorage allows assets to be loaded directly into the graphics card’s memory without going through the CPU. This reduces load times significantly, giving me faster access to high-fidelity games.

Auto HDR is another great addition, enabling higher dynamic range for better contrast and colors in games, provided my monitor and graphics card support it. Things like Xbox Game Pass integration and the new Xbox app add to the gaming experience as well.

As a casual gamer, I appreciate the gaming improvements in Windows 11 – they enhance gameplay without getting in the way for non-gaming use.

Enhanced Touch, Voice, and Pen Support

For devices like 2-in-1 laptops and Surface devices, Windows 11 comes with refined support for touch, voice, and digital pens.

Touch interactions feel snappier now. Gestures like swiping and scrolling are smoother, with animations that lend a sense of continuity. The touch keyboard is also more responsive when entering text on a touchscreen.

Voice typing via Windows Speech Recognition feels more accurate and quicker at keeping up with my words. I can use voice commands to launch apps, set reminders, ask questions, and more.

For digital pens, there’s better palm rejection when I’m resting my hand on the screen while drawing or taking notes. The overall ink latency is lower too for a more natural pencil-like feel. The sensitivity and responsiveness when sketching or annotating also seems improved.

As a 2-in-1 user, I appreciate how Windows 11 builds on the tablet and touch capabilities. The enhancements really shine on convertible devices.

Better Voice and Camera Access Controls

Windows 11 introduces stronger safeguards around microphone and camera privacy. I can now see in the Taskbar when an app is actively using my microphone or camera.

There’s also a new camera and microphone access page in Windows Settings. Here I can see which apps have permission to use my camera and mic, and toggle access on or off for each app.

Plus, Windows 11 adds hardware-based microphone mute and camera shut off controls. For example, I can press the mute mic button on my laptop to disable the mic in hardware – overriding any software permission.

These privacy features give me more visibility into and control over my microphone and camera access. I appreciate Microsoft giving users the tools to manage security and peace of mind.


With its modern streamlined design, UI enhancements for multitasking, useful new features like Widgets, and under-the-hood gaming improvements, Windows 11 feels like a meaningful upgrade over Windows 10.

Smaller touches like the voice and camera access controls also show Microsoft’s attention to user-centric details. While the OS still feels very familiar at its core, the combination of visual overhaul, interface refinements, and new capabilities make Windows 11 a worthwhile update.

For both productivity and leisure use, I’m very happy with Windows 11 so far. It retains the best parts of Windows while moving the experience forward in thoughtful ways. While early days, Windows 11 feels like an inviting and exciting step forward for the venerable OS.



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