The Best New Features in Windows 11

The Best New Features in Windows 11


Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. It was released in October 2021 and includes many new and improved features compared to Windows 10. In this article, I will share the best new features in Windows 11 and why they make this update worth considering.

Updated User Interface

One of the most noticeable changes in Windows 11 is the updated user interface design. Microsoft has simplified the overall look to be cleaner and more modern. Some key updates include:

  • The Start menu is now centered on the screen instead of left aligned. This gives it a MacOS feel and makes it easier to quickly open apps.

  • Rounded corners on windows and menus create a softer aesthetic.

  • The taskbar has been streamlined with centered app icons.

  • There is improved transparency effects and animation when opening windows and menus.

Overall, these visual changes give Windows 11 a more contemporary look and feel. The simplified design looks great on modern hardware and makes the OS feel fresh and engaging.


Another new addition in Windows 11 is Widgets. Accessible by clicking the Widgets icon in the taskbar, this feature provides a curated feed of information like news, weather, sports scores, and more.

Key things to know about Widgets:

  • Provides glanceable information at a glance without having to open web browsers.
  • Content is personalized with relevant topics based on your interests.
  • Additional widgets can be added to customize your feed.

Having quick access to frequently viewed information like calendar events, weather, and news is convenient with Widgets. The content stays up to date and syncs across your Windows 11 devices.

Improved Multitasking

Several improvements have been made to multitasking in Windows 11. These changes allow you to customize your desktop layouts and more easily manage multiple apps and windows.

Snap layouts is a new feature that lets you quickly snap windows into pre-configured layouts for better side-by-side multitasking. There are layouts for two apps split 50/50, three apps divided into thirds, and more. This makes arranging apps quick and efficient.

Snap groups allow you to manage and switch between groups of apps snapped together in layouts. This helps reduce clutter and makes managing workflow between multiple tasks simple. Groups can be saved and restored later for consistent workspace organization.

There are also improvements to window snapping. Dragging a window into a snap zone now shows a window outline preview so you can better see how apps will be arranged as you multitask.

Better Gaming Performance

For gamers, Windows 11 provides notable improvements to performance and the overall gaming experience. These upgrades include:

  • Auto HDR support adds high dynamic range to games for enhanced contrast and colors.

  • DirectX12 Ultimate provides state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay on supported hardware.

  • The new Xbox app is built-in for access to Xbox Game Pass. Download and play hundreds of game titles on demand.

  • Variable refresh rate support reduces screen tearing for smoother gameplay.

Windows 11 delivers the best Windows yet for gaming with optimizations that take full advantage of modern hardware for higher frame rates and cutting edge graphics in your favorite games.

Enhanced Touchscreen and Stylus Support

For 2-in-1 laptops and convertible PCs, Windows 11 comes with improved touchscreen and stylus capabilities. These include:

  • More touch-optimized controls, menus, and gestures tailored specifically for finger input.

  • Enhanced stylus features like pressure sensitivity, low latency ink, and haptic feedback with supported pens.

  • Palm rejection allows you to rest your hand on the screen when using a pen to write or draw.

  • Handwriting recognition now supports 87 languages.

These touch and pen upgrades make Windows 11 feel natural and responsive on convertible devices. Writing, sketching, and interacting by hand is easier than before.

Better Voice Typing

The integrated voice typing functionality in Windows 11 has been overhauled for more accurate dictation and transcription. Improvements include:

  • The ability to voice type across the entire OS instead of just limited apps.

  • More reliable punctuation insertion when speaking.

  • Enhanced voice models for precision transcription with fewer errors.

  • An offline mode allowing voice typing without an internet connection.

With real-time dictation powered by cloud AI, voice typing in Windows 11 becomes a useful way to create content hands-free. The enhanced accuracy makes it viable for long-form writing.


Windows 11 delivers major upgrades to the core user experience. The visual refresh, widgets, improved multitasking, gaming enhancements, and touch/pen capabilities make this is a worthwhile update for most PC users. With its refined design and productivity tools, Windows 11 feels like a next-generation OS and brings welcomed improvements over Windows 10. For those considering upgrading, the new features detailed in this article showcase why now is a good time to make the move to Windows 11.



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