OneDrive Gets a Visual Refresh and New Features

OneDrive Gets a Visual Refresh and New Features


Microsoft has announced a visual refresh for OneDrive along with some handy new features. As someone who relies on OneDrive daily, I’m excited to see these updates roll out. In this article, I’ll provide an overview of the visual redesign and highlight some of the key new capabilities.

Visual Redesign

The visual refresh aims to deliver a more streamlined and intuitive experience across desktop, web, and mobile.

Cleaner Look and Feel

The redesigned OneDrive has a cleaner, more modern look and feel. Icons and illustrations have been updated to be more consistent across devices. Borders and shadows have been reduced to emphasize a minimalist aesthetic.

The new design feels less cluttered while still providing quick access to key functions like sharing and file management. As a regular OneDrive user, I appreciate this visually calmer approach. It helps me stay focused on my content.

Enhanced Personalization

OneDrive offers expanded options for personalization. For example, it’s now possible to customize the app background with your own photos and colors.

As someone who likes to tailor my workspace, I’m thrilled with the ability to add visual flair that suits my personal style. Little customizations like this make OneDrive feel more my own.

Improved Accessibility

Enhanced contrast and color in the new design improves accessibility for those with visual disabilities. OneDrive also now integrates directly with Windows accessibility features like magnifier and high contrast mode.

The OneDrive team worked closely with the accessibility community to identify areas for improvement. I’m happy to see Microsoft’s continued commitment to inclusive experiences.

New Capabilities

In addition to the visual overhaul, OneDrive gained some handy new features.

File Restore from the Recycle Bin

OneDrive now allows users to restore files directly from the Recycle Bin through desktop and web experiences. Previously, I had to contact Microsoft Support for restores. Having this self-service capability saves time and headaches.

The easy-to-use interface displays deleted files with metadata like date deleted. It only takes a click to undo my mistakes!

Enhanced Sharing Workflows

Sharing files from OneDrive is now more streamlined. The updated experience enables viewing shared files without needing to download them first.

As a frequent collaborator, this improved workflow makes it faster to preview content others have shared with me. I can provide feedback immediately instead of waiting for downloads.

New Video Player

OneDrive on the web now features an updated video viewer with handy controls like scrubbing, speed adjustment, and theater mode. The player also displays file details like resolution and codec.

As someone who stores many videos in OneDrive, having a robust integrated player right in the browser is super convenient. I no longer need to download videos or use external services to check my footage.

Final Thoughts

The OneDrive visual refresh and new features add up to a polished, user-friendly experience. With its cleaner look and enhanced personalization, OneDrive feels like an extension of my personal workspace. Time-saving capabilities like easy file restore make it more functional than ever.

As a daily OneDrive user, I’m excited by these updates and look forward to increased productivity and collaboration. Kudos to Microsoft for listening to user feedback and identifying opportunities for improvement. The future looks bright for OneDrive!



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