Google Could Bring Its Radar Technology To Future Chromebooks

One of those nifty features we watched Google present from the Pixel 4 has been radar-sensing technology, also called Project Soli.   So much so that Google could be contemplating applying it to prospective Chromebooks and wearables too. Marketing This is based on a patent found by Patently Apple in which it demonstrated that Google was toying around with the notion of bringing radar-sensing technologies to Chromebooks and wearables such as smartwatches.  According to the patent, Google suggests that the execution of radar technologies can enable users to interact using their computers in a way that may not be as easy as using a mouse or computer keyboard. As an instance, users designing a 3D thing and are attempting to control it may find it simpler and more intuitive to use gestures rather than clicking on a computer keyboard and mouse.  We have seen this theory employed in sci-fi TV shows and films, and also the usage of Soli in our computers can make that a fact. To be honest, we have also seen Microsoft’s Kinect supply up similar attributes, even though the drawback is that you’d call for a Kinect apparatus that’s ordinarily sold separately.  Baking the technician within a notebook itself could be much more useful.  

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