Free File Transfer Services That Can Handle Large Files

Large files transfer

The email services commonly limit the size of attachments. Gmail and Yahoo both limit attachments to 25MB. Fortunately, there are standalone file-transfer services available that can handle large files. These services include Securely Send, MyAirBridge, and Sendy PRO. Read on to learn more about these and other options for transferring large files. Also, check out our guide on how to transfer files from the desktop to the mobile device.

Sendy PRO

You can download the free Sendy app and use it to transfer large files, but the pro version comes with advanced security features. The free version allows you to send and receive up to 20GB, but if you want to send a larger file, you need to upgrade to the pro version. In this case, you will pay $7.99 per month to get the premium features, such as unlimited file size and a six-digit key to protect your files.

Sendy PRO for large files transfer comes with premium features, including unlimited storage, one TB of cloud storage, and more. It also allows you to upload up to 50GB at a time. You can also write and read files from external storage, share contacts, and more. The free version has limited storage, but the premium version has unlimited storage and allows you to send files up to 50GB. The premium version is a great choice for transferring large files.

Bitwarden Send

Bitwarden is a great app that allows you to send files of up to 100 MB via text message. It works through a web vault or mobile app, and it syncs between devices. The app has several options for sending files, such as password-protected links, file restrictions, and expiration dates. You can also use Bitwarden to share files with others via email or text message. It doesn’t matter if they’re not Bitwarden users or not. All they need is a Bitwarden account to send files.

Bitwarden Send is an online tool that allows users to securely share documents, photos, and videos. It eliminates any potential risks by encrypting information with AES-256 bit encryption. This technology also allows you to hide your files from third-party applications, including email and web browsers. Furthermore, you can limit the number of recipients to one or several. Users can also set expiration dates to limit who can see the information that they’ve shared.

Securely Send

You may be wondering how to securely send large files over the internet. There are several options to consider. For a low-cost option, try Securely Send. With the free version, you can send up to 200MB per month and have up to three recipients. You can also set up limits on the number of downloads and expiration dates for files. You can even set up a password if you need to. But if you want to send large files with full security and control, you’ll need a paid plan.

For the best security, use an encryption tool. Send from Firefox offers end-to-end encryption. This option can be used with password protection to prevent unauthorized access to the shared content. While some people prefer to use HTTPS as the standard, we strongly suggest using HTTPS or TLS encryption methods. These methods ensure the integrity of your files. It also prevents forgeries and tampering. Securely send large files is an important step in protecting sensitive data.


MyAirBridge is a free tool that allows you to send large files over the Internet. The service offers two different plans: one that requires registration and another that doesn’t. In the former case, you can just use the service once without registering. Then, you can send packages through it without re-uploading them. Depending on your plan, you may be able to transfer files of up to 20GB.

The MyAirBridge user interface is attractive and intuitive. The service offers two ways to send files: directly from your PC or by creating a link to the data you want to share. It also supports queued files, allowing you to send multiple files at once. The app offers a number of other features as well, including file deletion and uploading. Whether you’re transferring large files from one computer to another, MyAirBridge is the solution to your needs.

With MyAirBridge, you can easily send files up to 20GB, and you can also send multiple files to multiple people. The service offers three days of link availability, which allows you to transfer up to 20GB of data. You can also set up a data link for sharing and storing files on your device. There’s a corresponding feature that lets you manage your account with multiple email addresses. Moreover, MyAirBridge has a free account for guests and one that’s limited to sending 20Gb files.


For big file sharing, most users turn to third-party services like Dropbox and Google Drive. However, these services cannot provide true security as they don’t check files for malware and may not adhere to the organization’s policy on data leak prevention. With Mimecast, large files transfer is simple and secure. You can also use the service to send and receive large files with Microsoft Outlook or Mimecast for Mac. To learn more, click on the links below.

To use Mimecast, you need to be a member of the HED. Often, these organizations have attachment limits of up to 112MB or 150MB. Then, they must send a download invitation to the other party. The recipient must then confirm their request, as only HED has the authority to send large files. Once the recipient has accepted the invitation, they receive an email notification with the original message and the attachment.


If you’re planning to send or receive large files, Pando can help you do this. You just need to download and install Pando on your recipient’s computer, and then the entire process will begin. Once the process has started, you can choose the file types to send and the sizes to receive. Pando can also help you transfer video and audio files. The software also offers handy received lists. If you’re worried about security, you can install a VPN network to protect your sensitive files.

Large files can be difficult to send with email, and some servers choke on them. Pando can also make email attachments look like they’re only a few megabytes in size, so it can take longer to receive them. You can also try the Pando service for Outlook 2003. This Outlook plug-in will make large files easy to send and receive. Pando is similar to other email clients, such as Gmail, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, but is designed for users who use Outlook.


Are you looking for a tool to transfer large files? SendGB is one such tool. It allows you to share files up to 5GB for free and even provides 90 days of free storage when your files are less than 250MB in size. Another feature of SendGB is that it lets you store files up to 250MB for 90 days or 7 days if your files are larger. Once you’ve finished your transfer, you can even pause it and resume it later.

Unlike WeTransfer, SendGB allows you to share large files without any membership fee or registration. Using SendGB means you can send and receive large files securely without paying a membership fee. All you need to do is fill out the main page and share your files. You can also use download managers to manage your files, limit the storage to one to ninety days, and password protect your files. SendGB also supports social responsibility projects and is free to use.


If you’re in need of a file sharing service that supports large files, you’ve probably heard of ioMoVo. This subscription-based service expands on cloud storage by offering BYOS (Bring Your Own Storage) models. ioMoVo also offers comprehensive features, such as AI-based search and asset movement, in a single interface. The company’s Third Light DAM platform is fast and easy to use, and it includes an iOS native app.

Compared to email or cloud storage providers, file transfer apps are much better. Unlike email, these services don’t require any personal information, and their file size limit isn’t as important. With peer-to-peer technology, large files can be transferred much faster. Using ioMoVo, you can transfer large files without sacrificing security. And unlike other apps that require you to share your file’s URL, you can also send files anonymously.