Dark Mode in Windows 11: More Customization Options

Dark Mode in Windows 11: More Customization Options


Windows 11 comes with dark mode enabled by default. This provides a darker theme that can be easier on the eyes. However, Windows 11 dark mode offers more customization options compared to previous Windows versions. In this article, I will explore the new dark mode features in depth.

How to Enable/Disable Dark Mode

  • Dark mode can be enabled or disabled through Settings > Personalization > Colors.
  • The toggle switch under Choose your mode allows me to switch between light and dark mode.
  • I can also schedule dark mode to turn on automatically at sunset or at a specific time.

New Dark Mode Settings

Windows 11 provides more granular control over dark mode compared to Windows 10:

Dark Mode for Apps

  • I can set dark mode for the OS but exclude apps from using the dark theme under Choose which apps use dark mode.
  • This allows me to enable dark mode system-wide but keep specific apps like photo editors in light mode.

Dark Mode for Web Content

  • There is a new Darken web pages when using dark mode setting.
  • When enabled, this will darken web page content when viewed in dark mode.
  • I can turn this off if I prefer web pages to ignore my dark mode setting.

Dark Background for Taskbar/Start Menu

  • Separate from system-wide dark mode is the Choose a dark background for taskbar and Start setting.
  • This just changes the taskbar/Start colors without affecting the entire system theme.
  • I have more flexibility to mix a dark taskbar on light mode or vice versa.

Accent Color Options

  • I can customize the accent color used across the OS for Start menu, taskbar, etc.
  • There are now options for both Light mode accent color and Dark mode accent color.
  • This allows me to set different accent colors based on my chosen theme.

Improved Dark Mode Support

Windows 11 provides better dark mode support for first-party and third-party apps:

  • File Explorer now adapts properly to dark mode. The ribbon, sidebar, and file content view all switch colors.
  • The built-in Mail and Calendar apps also switch to darker backgrounds. Text is readable and icons stand out.
  • Most Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, etc. also have native dark mode support.
  • Even many third-party apps are updating with dark mode support after Windows 11’s release.

Bottom Line

The dark mode in Windows 11 offers me much more flexibility compared to previous versions. I have more options to control which parts of the OS or specific apps use dark mode. Support across the system and third-party apps is also improving. Dark mode feels more polished and customizable on Windows 11.



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