Big Changes Coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Big Changes Coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11


Microsoft announced some exciting changes coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. As Windows 11 rolls out later this year, I will see a redesigned and improved Microsoft Store experience. The updates aim to make the Store more open and integrated into Windows, while providing more options for developers and consumers.

Opening the Store up to More Apps and Stores

One of the biggest changes is that the Microsoft Store will allow more apps and app stores.

Support for More App Formats

In the past, the Microsoft Store only supported Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Now, the store will support a wider variety of Win32, .NET, web apps, and more. This change will bring many more apps into the Microsoft Store.

Availability of Third-Party App Stores

Additionally, third-party app stores like the Amazon Appstore will be available in the Microsoft Store. This allows access to even more apps and games.

Benefits for Consumers and Developers

As a consumer, I will have access to a wider selection of apps from independent developers and third-party stores. For developers, they can bring their existing apps to the Microsoft Store more easily. Overall, this change promotes an open ecosystem.

Improved Store Design and Discovery

The Microsoft Store is also getting a visual redesign. Updates include:

More Curated Content

The store will highlight curated apps, games, and content to help me discover new and popular items more easily.

Customizable Spotlight Pages

Spotlight pages allow me to customize the store with my favorite games, apps, movies and more. This provides a more personalized store experience.

Enhanced Product Pages

Enhanced product pages will make it easier to evaluate and install apps. I can view screenshots, videos, ratings, and reviews directly on an app’s page.

Tighter Integration with Windows 11

The refreshed Microsoft Store aims to feel more integrated into Windows 11.

Apps Can Be Installed from Anywhere

One big change is that apps can be installed from anywhere, not just the Microsoft Store. I can download apps from a developer’s website or other third-party stores without restrictions.

Store Access Directly from Start Menu

The Microsoft Store can be accessed directly from the new Windows 11 Start menu. This makes accessing the store quicker and more convenient.

In-App Purchases via Windows Account

I can now make in-app purchases using my Windows account, for a more streamlined experience across Microsoft apps and services.


The updates to the Microsoft Store promise to deliver more apps, better discovery, and deeper integration with Windows 11. By opening up the store to more platforms and providers, embracing third-party stores, and improving navigation, Microsoft is aiming to create a true one-stop shop for all my app needs. As Windows 11 becomes available later this year, I look forward to exploring the redesigned Microsoft Store.



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