Windows 10 continues its world domination – but Windows 7 refuses to die

Microsoft’s continued attempts to get Windows 10 on more PCs appears to be paying off, with brand-new statistics that reveal that Windows 10 is now installed on a substantial 61.26% of internet-connected PCs.

Nevertheless, the company may not be too pleased, as Windows 7 users are still declining to budge, it seems, despite Microsoft ending assistance for the older os back in January.

The outcomes originate from, and, and show that Windows 10 use continues to grow –– it had 60.57% market share in August.

NetMarketShare gets its information from people checking out sites, and while that indicates these numbers just count PCs connected to the internet, it still implies it utilizes a huge sample size, offering us an excellent idea of how popular Windows 10 is.

The OS that simply won’t die Remarkably, Windows 7 likewise saw growth in usage, with 22.77% of people utilizing it, up from 22.31% the month previously. This shows that Windows 7 users are still not being convinced to dump the older os, regardless of Microsoft’s best shots.

Back on January 14, 2020 (which feels a lifetime ago, to be fair), Windows 7 entered its End of Life phase, which implies Microsoft no longer provides patches and security updates. People still on Windows 7 have actually been motivated to change to Windows 10 through deals of totally free upgrades and bothersome pop-ups, however, it appears there is a dedicated core of users who simply don’t want to budge.

This will irritate Microsoft, as while Windows 7 fans are still using among its os, it is no longer getting covered, so individuals sticking onto the older operating system might be at risk from online nasties.

Ideally, as the year goes on, Windows 7 users will begin to move to more modern os. It seems like for the minute at least, Windows 7 is still stubbornly sticking on to life.

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