Why is Apple paying me $4.99 in store credit for Apple TV+ this month?

Apple TV+ is Apple’s streaming service and priced at $4.99 a month in the US or $49.99 annually. A lot of present subscribers are on promotional free trials. But if you are currently paying for TV+ on a monthly or annual basis, you need to have received an email that Apple is refunding that amount as store credit… here is why.

Apple has been notifying eligible accounts with the next email”As a thank you for being an Apple TV+ subscriber, we’re employing $4.99 in credit to your Apple ID each month you’re bought from November through January 2021.”

With Apple’s reputation as the company that makes you spend more than you should on its products, it is normal to be somewhat leery of an email that says they are paying you.

Nonetheless, it is completely genuine and not a scam email. From now until January, Apple will refund all Apple TV+ clients that are paying for the support. This refund comes in the form of store credit which you can use on some of Apple’s digital shops, such as renting a movie, buying something from the App Store or simply using the credit to cover additional Apple subscriptions.

The cause of this generosity is because Apple also extended the free trials for people that signed up when the service first launched with year-free hardware provide.

All free year trials of TV+ happen to be extended so they continue until February 2021, giving people around an extra 3 months. So, to make it fair for people which are paying real money for the support, Apple is comping the paid subscriptions also. This will continue till February renewals.

Why did Apple extend completely free trials? The official line is that Apple wanted to thank its loyal user base within the winter holiday period. The fact is a bit more capitalist naturally: Apple TV+ articles production was delayed from the pandemic and second seasons of flagship shows were simply not prepared for 2020. By extending everybody’s free period into January, it means more people are most likely to get hooked on a number of the second season debuts, along with other new releases, and stay with the support when they have to start paying for actual.

Whatever the motivation, enjoy the freebies. Apple TV+ is launching new content all the time, including feature film Wolfwalkers and Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special in December. In January, the ceremony will begin screening the next seasons of Dickinson and Servant, with more announcements to come. TV+ subscribers can anticipate major feature film premieres in ancient 2021 such as Oscar-contender’Cherry’, starring Tom Holland.

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