Microsoft Announces Massive Billion-Dollar Investment in Greece


Microsoft’s President Brad Smith announced on Monday a big financial investment in Greece, which is anticipated to reach a billion euro ($1.17 bn) and -as he kept in mind- reveals the business’s self-confidence in the Greek economy

. The business is going to develop a large Information centre, which will save and manage data in the cloud computing. It will be among the first information centres of the company in Europe.

“ It is a crucial day for Greece”, Smith said adding that this is “ the greatest investment of Microsoft in Greece during the 28 years of its existence in the nation.”

He stressed that the investment shows the business’s confidence in the Greek economy. The data centre will likewise act as a local centre for neighboring countries.

The statement was made at an event held at the Acropolis Museum together with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“ Greece is becoming an international hub of central digital storage of huge quantities of information. It is something that pulls our nation in the 21st century”, Mitsotakis stated.

He kept in mind that it took just nine months for the financial investment to concur, and included that Greece has actually achieved a considerable innovative financial investment of multilevel significance.

“ Analysts talk about an overall financial benefit that might go beyond one billion in the long run. The overall benefit is skyrocketing if the value of the improvement in the economy as a whole is examined,” he added.

The investment predicts the building and construction of three giant Microsoft centres for digital information storage near Athens.

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