How to Split Screen in Windows 10 for Multi-Tasking

How to Split Screen in Windows 10 for Multi-Tasking

If you’ve been using Windows 10 for some time, you may know that the operating system provides many multitasking features.  As an example, you can install app switchers to switch between programs; you may add a custom sidebar to start a program immediately, etc..Upon all those features, the native split-screen attribute appears to be the best one.  Let’s admit, when we are working together with our computers, we typically have multiple windows open at once.  Mostly we work on a single Window at a time, however, there are times when we need to back and forth between the two windows. To change between two windows, you may either use the keyboard shortcuts or program switchers.  However, if you are willing to work in multiple programs simultaneously, then Windows 10: Split Screen style appears to be the right choice. Using Split Screen, you can easily split your Windows 10’s screen into two or four segments.  After the split, it is possible to run all Windows at the same moment.  In this guide, we will share a thorough guide on how best to use the Split Screen feature of Windows 10.  Let us check out.

Measure 1.   First of all, you have to launch two or three apps to split the display.

Measure 2.   Once done, you need to specify an active window.  For this, click the title bar in the top section of the Window.   Hold down the left mouse button and then pull on the Window to either right or left border of your screen.

Measure 3.   Now Windows 10 will reveal you a translucent outline of where the Window is going to be snapped.  If you are ok with the placement, then release the mouse button.

Measure 4.   The Window will probably be snapped to both sides of this screen.  To assign another Window on the other side of the screen, click the other app Window.   Hold down the left mouse key and assign it on the opposite side.

Measure 5.   Now you may see two windows operating side by side.

Measure 6.   If you want to change the Windows’s width, then only place the mouse cursor between the Windows.  You will see the pointer become a two-headed arrow.  

Measure 7.   If you would like to split the screen between four or three programs, you need to drag the program window to the screen’s upper right corner.  Next, drag the next window to the lower right corner.

Measure 8.   Likewise, you are able to fill the lower left and upper left corner using two app Windows.  This manner, you can snap up to four Windows into the screen. That is it!

 You’re finished.  This is the way you’re able to divide a screen on a Windows 10 computer. So this article is about how to split your screen in Windows 10.   Please discuss it with your friends too.  

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