How to Record a Video of Your Screen (with Sound) on Windows 10

Want to quickly record screen on Windows 10 without any software? You can do just that with the help of a Windows 10 built-in tool called Xbox Game Bar. We’ve provided you with a simple step-by-step guide on how to quickly record your screen and sound on Windows 10 using Xbox Game Bar.

How to record screen on Windows 10 with Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is capable of many awesome things including the ability to capture and record the screen of an app, game, browser or whatever appears on your screen (with audio) and save it as an MP4 video file. Without further ado, here’s how to do it.

That’s it! It isn’t as difficult as you think, isn’t it? Well, below are some bonus tips on how you can tweak more settings about it.

How to change the default folder where Xbox Game Bar save your recorded videos, game clips and screenshots?

To change the location of the default save folder, go to This PC > Videos. Then, move (or Cut and Paste) the “Captures” folder to wherever you want. The game bar will continue to save future videos and screenshots on that particular folder, no matter where you move it to.

How to change the “audio to record” settings to include or exclude Microphone or other sources of audio?

To change audio settings of your recordings, press Win+G keys to open up game bar overlay. At the top of the overlay, click on the Settings icon (the gear icon). In the left sidebar, click on Capturing. From there, you can select whether you want to include audio from the game, microphone, apps or system, or if you want to disable them all during screen recording.

You can also quickly take a screenshot with Xbox Game Bar.

Besides being able to record video of your screen, Xbox game bar also allows you to easily take a screenshot of your screen by pressing “Win + ALT + PrtScn” buttons. You can also quickly capture a screenshot by clicking the “take screenshot” button (button with a camera) in the Win+G Xbox game bar overlay. All screenshots taken will be saved onto the same said “Captures” folder.

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