How to Make Your Video Calls Look and Sound Better

If you’re utilizing a phone, you have a few additional considerations. Make sure it’s in a horizontal orientation because that’s better matched to the computer system screens your colleagues are most likely using. And attempt to rest it on a stand—– again, at eye level—– rather than holding it, so you don’t have unstable video. If you’re providing a presentation and have actually notes jotted down, try to stick those bullet points by your electronic camera, so you aren’t continuously looking down at your desk.

While it isn’t a tech tip specifically, Rosen worries the importance of your own appearance and body language. Wear clothes you understand you look good in, which aren’t the very same color as your background—– you don’t want to blend in, which is incredibly simple in a compressed video feed sent out over the internet. In addition, prevent hectic, duplicating patterns—– like thin stripes or little plaid—– that tend to moiré on electronic camera. And for heaven’s sake, wash your face—– don’t let the sweat from your workout turn you into a glossy mess. (If you have naturally oily skin like I do, Rosen recommends patting yourself down with a little anti-shine powder—– no matter your gender. In my experience, blotting yourself with kleenex will perform in a pinch, too.)

“ Remember you’re on video camera,  Rosen states. Smile, take note, don’t look all around the room. Think of where you place your electronic camera, and where individuals are strolling by.” He states a recent video call where a participant’s family member walked by in their underwear, mortifying the caller and ruining the conference. “ When something fails—– and it will eventually—– try to go with the flow. Laugh it off, and put don’t let it throw your video game.”

If there’s one thing I took away from my college video production class, it’s this: People will enjoy the bad video, however, they won’t listen to bad audio. This can be specifically tough with video calls, considering that you can’t hear how you sound on the other end.

To start, make sure the room is peaceful, says Rosen. If your household is home, let them understand you have an essential call, and for the love of all that is holy, mute your microphone when you aren’t talking. You put on it need to grace everybody with the sounds of trucks driving down your street or your kids screaming in the next room.

In a comparable vein, ensure you’re wearing earphones. If you utilize your computer’s speakers, your coworkers will hear an echo of themselves talking. Earbuds are simpler to conceal and less aesthetically disruptive. If you still have echo problems, it could actually be due to your area. “ If you have an echoey room, you can muffle that with blankets or towels,” states Rosen.  Just keep as much of it off-camera as possible, or it’ll appear like you’re doing laundry. Rosen also suggests an external microphone. While the microphone integrated in to your webcam is probably fine, you’ll sound a lot better with a dedicated USB mic—– or, depending on the situation, a lavalier microphone pinned to your lapel. Make certain you actually pick that microphone in your video chat program of choice—– normally through the audio settings—– due to the fact that your computer will most likely default to the lower quality microphone on your webcam.

Just beware not to interfere with that microphone during the call. “ I’ve been in calls where individuals are tapping on their computer systems as a worrying habit, and it’s extremely disruptive,” states Rosen. Keep in mind, that microphone enhances the sound of anything nearby—– specifically that clacky mechanical keyboard.

Keep a Strong Internet Connection

None of these ideas will make a lick of distinction if your web connection is sluggish or unreliable. If you have an ethernet jack close by, wire it approximately your PC or laptop computer—– you’ll get a far more steady connection than you will over Wi-Fi. If wireless is your only alternative, have a look at our guide to improving your Wi-Fi signal, and make sure no one else in the home is sucking up bandwidth with Netflix while you’re on a crucial call. And if all else stops working, a standard phone call is a great fallback—– video chat is fantastic, but a dependable call is always preferable to a stuttery, low-quality videoconference.

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