How to Customize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

At long last, iPhone owners may now customize their house screens using widgets.  (Android users, feel free to bypass –y’all have had this feature for years.)  Once you install iOS 14, it is possible to deck out your iPhone with new icons, background, and widgets to get a fully personalized look.

Here’s the way to begin. First, you are going to need some new program icons.  It is possible to find some online by looking for iPhone icon packs, or simply by visiting a website like  Save the icons into your own camera roll.

Then head on over to the App Store and download Widgetsmith, which permits you to change your iPhone’s fonts and colours, and Apple’s Shortcuts program (in case you don’t already have it), and that’s where things start to get a little….  complicated. You need to create shortcuts from the new program icons into the apps themselves.

Within the Shortcuts program, hit on the plus sign at the upper right corner.  Then tap Add Action and select Scripting.  From there, pick the Open App command, then decide on the program you want to open.  Hit the three dots and select Add to Home Screen.  

From here, write the name of the app and hit the icon picture to the left side.  Pick the Pick Photo choice to open your Camera Roll and select that icon you chose for this specific program in measure one.  Unfortunately, you need to repeat this procedure for each and every new app icon.  

To eliminate the old program icons, long-press your house screen to send them to the App Library. Creating shortcuts from fresh icons to programs will slow down program loading times and prevent you from viewing notification badges.  

And, as you can see in the movie above, this procedure is time-consuming, to say the least.  But if you want your iPhone to reflect your true soul, it may be worth the hours it takes to fully trick out your house screen.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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