How to configure Apple CarPlay correctly?

Do you have an iPhone and a modern car? Check out how to combine both with Apple CarPlay.

Few people know that it is not the Android Auto at all, and CarPlay was the first to fully integrate your mobile phone into a modern car.

The first version of Apple CarPlay was released to users over 5 years ago in October 2014.

Last year, with the launch of iOS version 13, Apple CarPlay received a significantly modified interface and new features that make travelling by car more enjoyable and easier.

Unlike Android Auto, CarPlay is fully integrated with the operating system, so users do not have to install additional programs from the App Store, and the whole configuration is very simple. There is only one thing to keep in mind, but an extremely important one, which we will tell you later in this guide.

What elements are necessary for Apple CarPlay to work?

First of all, make sure that we have all the necessary elements that will allow us to use Apple CarPlay.

These are three basic things:

  1. iPhone with Lightning connector – models from iPhone 5 upwards with iOS 7.1 or later installed.
  2. Cable compatible with iPhone and car (we recommend using MFI-certified cables – Made for iPhone).
  3. Car with Apple CarPlay compatible infotainment system.

Apple CarPlay after upgrading to iOS 13 offers a whole new look, but fortunately, owners of older iPhone models that are incompatible with iOS 13 can still use Apple CarPlay offering an older type of interface.

To check the version of the iOS operating system under which your iPhone works, go to Settings > General > This device … > Software.

Configuring Apple CarPlay

The configuration process, as befits Apple, is not complicated. CarPlay is built into the iOS system and requires virtually no configuration. Unfortunately, Apple has not avoided a single error that makes it difficult for users to connect their iPhone to the in-car infotainment system using Apple CarPlay. We have experienced difficulties in connecting the iPhone to the car several times.

In order to configure Apple CarPlay correctly you have to:

  1. Start the ignition in the car (we recommend starting the engine) and wait for the infotainment system to start.
  2. Plug a car and phone compatible USB cable (we recommend high-quality cables) into the car’s socket.
  3. Unlock the device and connect it to the USB cable previously connected to the car.

Please note that the iPhone must be unlocked and on the home screen when connecting to the car. If an application is running on the phone, e.g. Settings, the infotainment system will not be able to connect to the iPhone.

Depending on the type of car you have, you may have to accept the connection to the phone in the infotainment system. Please refer to the user’s manual enclosed with your vehicle for relevant information.

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