GTA V mobile download: Is it legal?

GTA V is absolutely nothing except a cultural phenomenon and a landmark minute in video gaming that has actually been among the highest-grossing entertainment items of all-time.

The game is offered across many platforms: from consoles to handheld gadgets. With the increasing appeal of games on mobile phones, Rockstar sensed an opportunity in the mobile gaming market.

For that reason, a lot of games from the GTA franchise were provided on the Google Play Shop in addition to the App Store for smartphones. GTA games on mobile are competent ports that operate quite well.

GTA V has not yet been made offered for smartphone devices, and it is likely to remain that way for a while at least.

GTA V Mobile Download: Is it legal?

Numerous sites and Youtube channels claim to host APK files readily available for download, but more most likely than not, they are malicious software applications disguised as the game itself. GTA V is too big a video game to be ported over to mobile phones at this point.

Even though smart device technology has progressed by leaps and bounds for many years, a game of GTA V’s scale is still a magnificent job. For that reason, to secure your gadget from being infected by a destructive software application, it is recommended to download apps only from the Google Play Store or App Shop.

In the meantime, there are several other video games from the GTA franchise readily available on both the Google Play Store and App Store, namely:


These are very fun titles in the franchise and likewise a few of the most popular, with Chinatown Wars being ideal for mobile devices as it was created as a handheld video game from the start.

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