Google Chrome extensions not working on Windows 10

If installed Google Chrome extensions aren’t working on Windows 10 PC, follow these tips to remove this problem. Whether one extension or multiple extensions are not working in your computer, you can fix the matter with this manual.

If extensions are not working on the Google Chrome browser, we suggest several suggestions that are sure to fix the problem for you:

Let us check out these options in detail.

1] Reset experimental attributes

Google Chrome offers some experimental features or Chrome Flags that allow users to try out our upcoming or beta attributes. But if you have recently enabled a Chrome Flag and extensions stopped working after that, it’s advised to reset it. It isn’t important whether you enabled one or multiple Chrome Flags; it is mandatory to revert the switch so you can find the reason for this issue.

In case you have allowed multiple Chrome Flags and you do not recall all of them, it’s much better to use the Reset all alternative. To use it, enter chrome://flags in the address bar and hit on the Enter button. After that, click the Reset button, and relaunch your browser.

2] Create a new profile

In case the existing Chrome profile includes some internal battle, you’ll get this problem on your computer. Therefore, it is recommended to create a new Google Chrome profile, register into it, and then install and use an extension.

3] Scan PC with antivirus

Google Chrome shops the extension info in a local drive. If malware or adware attacked your PC earlier, and extensions stopped working then, there is a possibility that the individual folder has some difficulties. Occasionally, folders and files become altered by malware as well as adware.

It is recommended to scan your PC with an antivirus and adware removal tool. There are many free antivirus programs available. Apart from this, you may download Ultra Adware Killer or AdwCleaner, etc. and then scan your PC together.

4] End procedure using Task Manager

Occasionally a resume solves all of the problems, and you may follow the same system to solve this problem. However, you do not need to open the Windows Task Manager. Alternatively, You can start the Google Chrome Task Manager. For this, click on the three-dotted icon, and then choose More Programs > Task manager. Instead, press on Shift+Esc to start the identical panel. Now, find out the extension that is not functioning, select it, and then click the End procedure button.

After that, disable the extension from the Extensions window, then restart your browser, and re-enable the extension.

5] Reinstall expansion

When an extension is quite outdated, there’s a chance that it won’t work with the latest version of Google Chrome. In case you have downloaded an extension from the Chrome Web Store, it doesn’t happen frequently. But if you’ve sideloaded an extension in the Chrome browser, and it has not got any upgrade for a very long time, then this issue may appear on your own PC. There is a straightforward solution to this problem. If the developers have already released an upgrade, install it immediately. For this, you have to uninstall the existing case.

To accomplish this, click on the three-dotted icon, and then choose More Programs > Extensions. Following this, click on the Remove button, and confirm it by clicking on the same button.

6] Clear browser data

It is often suggested to clear the browser data or history so that the extensions synchronize with your browser correctly. To do so, click on the three-dotted icon, and select the Settings option. After that, switch to the Privacy and safety tab and then click the Clear browsing info alternative.

After that, change to the Advanced tab, then pick All time in the Time range drop-down listing, create a tick in every checkbox, and click the Clear data button.

Restart your browser and check if the extension is functioning or not.

7] Sign out of Google account

If Google Chrome has some difficulties with Google accounts synchronization, there is a prospect of getting such an error. There are several techniques to do that. To begin with, you can start a new tab page, click in your profile picture, and choose the Sign out option.

Second, you may go to the official website of Chrome Web Shop, click in your email ID, and choose to Sign out.

8] Install Google Chrome upgrades

Occasionally, all these problems happen due to a bug. In case you’ve got a very old build of Google Chrome, a few hottest extensions may not be compatible with it. As a result, the simplest solution is to upgrade your browser to the newest version.

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