Google announces new Verified Calls feature to identify genuine callers, reason for calling

Tech giant Google has revealed Verified Calls include for its Phone app. At a time when numerous users face great deals of spam callers and doubt to get calls from unknown numbers, this function will come in helpful as it will determine authentic calls. Verified calls will also specify if the caller is confirmed by Google and will state the reason for their calls.

Confirmed calls will show a blue shield icon that features a checkmark, organization name, logo design, and number. The call reason field will include messages like confirm transaction activity, food shipment and flight time modifications. Google asserted that it does not gather or save any personally identifiable info after verification.

As per Google, this capability materially improves response rates, comparable to Validated SMS that was released by the company in 2015. Verified Employ the Google Phone app will first present to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India.

Google Phone app will be readily available on non-Pixel Android gadgets and comes preloaded on lots of Android phones. It will be offered for download beginning later on today on a lot more Android devices, according to Google. Users can download it from PlayStore in case their mobile phone utilizes a customized dialler.

The function will generally tackle call frauds. Google mentioned a 2019 FTC report that discovered that phone calls were the top way people reported being called by scammers. “ While the majority of people stated they hung up on those calls, those who lost money reported an average loss of $1,000. Spam and scam calls deteriorate rely on organizations and increase costs to customers,” Google noted

. Confirmed calls function is likewise most likely to reduce organization costs. This is because companies attempting to connect to clients will deal with fewer declined calls with the feature in place. While piloting the function, Google observed that Verified Calls improves the probability of somebody answering a call.

“ For circumstances, banks calling to signal a consumer about a possible deceitful transaction can increase answer rates by specifying the call reason. A food shipment or logistics company can do the same to make sure clients are readily available to get their deliveries,” Google kept in mind.

Google Verified Calls can receive competition from Truecaller in India which has more than 170 million month-to-month active users in India.

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