Facebook Messenger Merging With Instagram Direct

Facebook is providing users the choice to combine their Messenger inbox with Instagram Direct, which approves the capability to send out messages throughout platforms.

Users are seeing a pop-up when opening the Instagram app notifying them about this update.

“ There’s a Brand-new Method to Message on Instagram,” the pop-up checks out.

The notification goes on to emphasize the following benefits of merging the 2 chat platforms:

Prior to you choose to update, know that it will alter the whole feel and look of your Instagram direct message inbox.

Instagram Direct will suddenly look more like Facebook Messenger. Even the icon at the leading right of the screen will be changed with the Messenger icon.

Those who choose things the method they are will more than happy to understand this update is totally optional.

If you take pleasure in the traditional design of Instagram DM’s, or you want to keep the two inboxes separate, choose the “ Not Now option at the extremely bottom of the alert.

Users who are on board with merging the 2 inboxes can go ahead and choose Update. 

Keep in mind that even if you don’t upgrade you will still be able to get message requests on Instagram from Facebook accounts.

That appears to be the only way to message Facebook users from Instagram at this moment –– a Facebook user needs to initiate the chat.

This might alter in the future, but today it’s not possible to start discussions with Facebook users from Instagram.

With that being the case, this update appears to be most helpful for Instagram users who are not active on Facebook.

This gives non-Facebook users a way to keep in touch with loved ones who would prefer to interact through Messenger.

Now, there’s no compromise needed on either side. Messenger users can communicate with Instagram users without needing to leave their platform of option.

This is an update that has been in the works for well over a year now, as Facebook provided the world a heads-up about this change back in 2019.

Facebook Cross-Platform Messaging

We reported back in January 2019 that Facebook was working on combining its messaging items.

According to a statement from a Facebook representative:

“ [We want to] build the very best messaging experiences we can; and people want the messaging to be fast, simple, reliable, and private. We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and thinking about ways to make it much easier to reach loved ones throughout networks.”

At the time, Facebook prepared to have a service in place by early 2020.

Those strategies got thwarted by the pandemic, which forced Facebook to focus instead on live streaming.

The live streaming boom was triggered by COVID-19 lockdowns, which result in increased time spent in the house on Facebook.

In order to keep up with the demand for live streaming, Facebook needed to pause deal with other jobs.

Probably, combining messaging platforms was among the tasks that got put on hold.

After successfully intensifying its live-streaming abilities, it appears Facebook is now getting where it left off.

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