Check out the awesome Flash Game Super Mario Bros Crossover

We love this type of things and it is among the main factors we started Obsolete Player, to discover tasks like this. ~ J.A. Laraque

Super Mario Bros Crossover

Now you have to bear with me due to the fact that though I like retro video gaming, just recently I sanctuary’s had the time to keep up on whatever going on so you will have to excuse me when I speak about something like it has actually just come out even if it has been offered for a very long time.

I recently stumbled upon this Super Mario Bros Crossover flash video game made by the folks over at Exploding Rabbit. Now this game was developed by fans and has been released since 2010, (that makes me feel even worst that I simply found it now). You can read all about it on the Super Mario Bros Crossover Wiki. Presently, they are on version 3.1.2 which you can play today in our Obsolete Gamer Arcade Room.

So the game plays similar to the original NES video game, but as you can see in the trailer, the characters and levels are various such as being able to play as Ryu and Link and using unique capabilities from the different characters.

The total goal is the same, you go from delegated best making your method through the worlds and defeating the opponents up until you get to the fourth level of each world where you deal with Bowser. Now the levels have actually been modified and altered given that different characters have different capabilities to add more obstacles and re-playability to the game.

We enjoy this sort of things and it is among the primary factors we began Obsolete Gamer, to discover tasks like this. Now as we said this game has actually been released for 4 years now and is constantly worked on which is excellent to see. They allow you to download it and embed it on your website which is awesome and exactly what we did, however, we wanted to offer full credit and let everybody understand about this video game who, like us, might have missed it.

Give it a shot and let us know what you believe. Visit Exploding Rabbit and examine out their other incredible games, videos, and tasks including their YouTube page.

If you love this kind of fantastic work as much as we do please think about supporting the Super Action Squad.

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