Best free software to Record Screen as GIF in Windows 10

This post covers a few of the finest complimentary software application to tape-record screen as GIF in Windows 10 PC. You will be able to set the recording area and begin the recording for as long as you want. The very best part is there will be no watermark to recorded GIF.

The alternative to stop briefly the recording and resume is also present in this software application. If you wish to develop a quick video for demonstration functions or for any other reasons and save that recording as a GIF file, this software is gonna come in useful.

Record screen as GIF with these GIF screen recorder tools

We have actually pointed out five complimentary software that will permit you to tape Screen as GIF in Windows 10:

1] ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif is among the best tools on this list. This open-source software can likewise tape-record an open window/application. The very best feature is you can edit recorded GIF before saving it to PC. It has integrated Editor that lets you eliminate or copy frames from the recording, get rid of duplicate frames, include text to a particular position in the recording which works as a watermark, insert keys pressed during recording, turn or turn frames, include shadow, border, image watermark, and more. You can even play or preview recording to check if modifying is done as expected and after that conserve the last recording.

On its main user interface, usage Recorder button and then pick a desktop area for recording. Or else, you can also choose a particular window for recording. Prior to beginning the recording, it likewise lets you adjust FPS (frames per second). You can use hotkeys to play/pause and stop the screen recording.

When the recording is finished, its Editor window is opened immediately where you can sneak peek your recording, and perform the essential modifying. Finally, you can utilize the File menu, and press Save As button to save the recording as an animated GIF.

You can likewise delight in other tools and alternatives supplied by this software application. You can use its webcam recorder, whiteboards in addition to the recording, feature to show/hide the mouse cursor in recording, etc.

2] Captura

Captura is not just limited to tape-record screen as GIF only. It features a lot of functions. You can utilize Captura to tape-record a specific window, area, or complete desktop screen. It likewise has 2 distinct functions that you may like.

You can make use of the screen while tape-recording and also take screenshots in between the recording. These 2 features can just be used when you have actually chosen some location on the desktop screen for recording. These won’t work for full screen or window mode.

It likewise lets you consist of the mouse cursor, mouse clicks, and keystrokes in the screen recording. Apart from this, you can use it to tape cam, the record just audio, etc.

. Download portable or installer variation of Captura software application and release its main interface. There, you can utilize options like include/exclude mouse cursor, set output folder, output quality, and more.

Select Video source (complete screen, region, or a window), and click on the Gif choice as output format under the Video Encoder section. After that, you can utilize the record, pause, resume, and stop buttons to create an animated GIF from your recording.

3] GifCam

GifCam has some fascinating features that make it a helpful GIF screen recorder software application. It lets you include text to a specific frame in screen recording, show/hide mouse cursor, delete a frame or erase frames from picked frame to end frame, change delay time for each frame, etc.

. Apart from that, it likewise has a distinct function that lets you alter the recording to greyscale or monochrome. You can download it from here.

After opening its interface, you can resize it to set the recording location, and then utilize the offered buttons. It supplies Rec/Stop button, Edit button to add text to a frame, erase frames, and so on, Frame button to alter the delay time and Conserve button to store the final GIF. You can also utilize a drop-down icon simply next to the Save button to alter the recording colour, sneak peek output, etc.

4] ShareX

This might come as a surprise to you since ShareX is a popular software to record and edit screenshots, but it is likewise an excellent alternative to tape screen. It lets you tape-record the screen a video file along with an animated GIF. FFmpeg is required to utilize this software for screen recording. It can automatically download FFmpeg (if not present currently) in the required folder.

After installing this open-source and multiplatform software, open the main menu of ShareX. Click the Capture menu and after that click on the Screen recording (GIF) option. After that, you can pick the area for recording and it will start tape-recording immediately. There are just Stop and Terminate buttons that you can utilize accordingly.

This software application has heaps of other tools and alternatives like altering the location folder, capture a full screenshot or a specific area, gain access to capture history, upload caught screenshots to Imgur, Gfycat, alter the hotkey to start/stop animated recording, and more. Simply have fun with all the offered choices and this tool will assist you a lot.

5] LICEcap

LICEcap is another great GIF screen capture option. It lets you move the recording area in between the recording which is a good function. You can add/insert a custom text during the recording. Another useful alternative is you can add a title or beginning text that shows up before the primary recording. The alternative to set duration for title text is also present.

When you will launch this GIF screen recorder software, it will supply a frame that you can adapt to set as a recording area. That frame likewise supplies Record, pause, stop, and set FPS buttons.

When the area is picked, press the Record button, and Save As window is opened. In that window, you can set the output folder and other choices associated with the recording. For instance, you can allow the title frame choice, add title text, and time duration to display that title text, show mouse clicks, include the number of loops or GIF repeat count (set to 0 for limitless loops), GIF transparency, etc. Usage choices according to the requirement and press the Save button.

Now you will return to the recording location. Move area whenever needed, pause/resume recording, and finally, press the Stop button. Your recording will be conserved to the folder set by you.

That’s all.

Here I finish up this list. ScreenToGif has tons of functions and for that reason, it is certainly much better than other tools. Other tools also serve the purpose to tape desktop screen as an animated GIF really well.

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