Apple quietly stops selling Bose, Sonos and some Logitech gear — only Apple audio remains

Apple simply made its rivals disappear —– in its own retailer, anyhow. reports, the company has quickly stopped selling Bose, Logitech, and Sonos audio products, consisting of the popular Bose noise-canceling headphones that would probably be a direct competitor to the earphones that Apple has actually consistently been rumoured to be ready to reveal at some point this year.

When you go to discover an item like the Logtech Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker or those Bose headphones, you’ll find messages like these rather:

However, Google’s cache shows these items were on sale as late as mid-September, if not more recently. Here’s a couple of examples from September 15th:

As a result of the eliminations, the Apple Store’s earphones and speakers product page now consists entirely of Apple’s own gadgets, without any rival manufacturers to be discovered. And Bloomberg reports that Apple workers have actually been told to eliminate these products from physical retail racks also.

Bose and Logitech both verified to Bloomberg that Apple will no longer sell their audio products.

It’s not the very first time that Bose items have actually vanished from the Apple Store, and the last time was fairly brief, however, it’s a bigger blow to Bose now– the business no longer has its own rival shops in shopping centre worldwide, so it was relying a minimum of in part on Apple’s stores filling that role. Logitech still sells all sort of other devices in the Apple Store, including keyboards and cams, however, Bose and Sonos have other classifications to offer.

Until now, Apple seemed primarily pleased to carry some completing accessories in its shops and let the very best item win. I question what changed?

Apple is widely anticipated to hold a hardware event later on this month, and rumours recommend it might happen on October 13th.

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