14-year-old student recognized by Apple for iOS bug fix

Fifteen-year-old Giyas Umarov is a high schooler from New Jersey who has always had a deep interest in computers, as most children do. What Giyas did, though, is not something many kids do. He went from no programming knowledge to actually being credited by Apple for an iOS bug fix.

Giyas Umarov has aspirations to go to college to study engineering and computers, so his mother offered to pay for programming and coding courses, but he declined. Giyas is a frequenter of the local public library and stated he could learn everything he needed to know from reading books on Libby from OverDrive, which offers free digital access to library books. They have deep integration with Kindle too. He checked out a book named Beginning Programming with C++ for Dummies, and that is where his journey began.

In November of this past year, when he was only 14 years old, he discovered that a bug in Apple’s iOS software he thought Apple should be aware of — so he composed Apple customer service to bring it to their attention and supply two potential answers to fixing the matter.

He’s now been publicly recognized by Apple for his contribution, and his answer was integrated into a current iOS update from Apple. He was also contacted by the Governor of New Jersey to congratulate him on his achievement.

Giyas’ accomplishments reveal the simplicity of understanding Apple’s App Store has attracted to students, and it’s great to find out how a student used a program from his public library to learn about coding and be realized by one of the most popular operating systems on earth.

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