February 23, 2018


Computer Set-up
1. Get your computer working how you want it
2. Configure settings and automatic updates
3. Create usernames and passwords
Software installation
1. Help with software programs for PC and Mac
2. Advice on what are the best products for you
3. Can be installed at yours on laptops/computers
Parental control Set-up
1. Keep your children safe surfing on the web
2. Limit the time kids can spend on the internet
3. Block access to unsuitable adult content
Data backup or transfer
1. Help to keep precious photos safe
2. Advice on automatic backups of your files
3. Move data from an old machine to a new one
Hardware installation
1. We can fix your laptop even if it doesn’t start
2. Upgrade of hard drives, RAM memory, and other parts
3. Broken screens and other parts replacement
Data cleanse
1. Wipe your hard drive safely and securely
2. Destroy, sell or give away your computer with confidence
3. Delete all of your personal information quickly
Wireless Set-up
1. Share music in different rooms in your home
2. Stream to TV from your desktop or laptop computer
3. Use your games console to download movies and music from the web