Our Offer

  • Computer Set-up
  1. Get your computer working how you want it
  2. Configure settings and automatic updates
  3. Create usernames and passwords
  • Software installation
  1. Help with software programs for PC and Mac
  2. Advice on what are the best products for you
  3. Can be installed In Store on laptops/netbooks
  • Parental control Set-up
  1. Keep your children safe surfing on the web
  2. Limit the time kids can spend on the internet
  3. Block access to unsuitable adult content
  • Data backup or transfer
  1. Help to keep precious photos safe
  2. Advice on automatic backups of our files
  3. More data from an old machine to a new one
  • Hardware installation
  1. Create usernames and passwords
  2. Configure settings and automatic updates
  3. Get your computer working how you want it
  • Health check and optimisation
  1. Delete unwanted files that slow things down
  2. Download operating system updates
  3. Check for computer viruses causing problems
  • Data cleanse
    1. Wipe your hard drive safely and securely
    2. Sell or give away your computer with confidence
    3. Delete all of your personal information fast
    • Wireless Set-up
    1. Share music in different rooms in your home
    2. Stream TV to your desktop or laptop computer
    3. Use your games console to download movies and music from the web
    • Diagnostic
    1. We find out the problem when you don’t know
    2. Done In Store, At Home
    • Virus removal
    1. Delete viruses/spyware on your hard drive
    2. Advice on staying safe from computer bugs
    3. Stop yourself falling prey to cybercriminals
    • Broadband Set-up and Troubleshooting
    1. Check network settings to find any faults
    2. Advise on security to stop connection slowing
    • Operating System installation
    1. Upgrade to the latest Windows 7 OS for PC
    2. You buy the OS software, we install it for you
    • Data recovery
    1. Find important data when computer won’t boot
    2. Copy files back to machine when it’s fixed
    3. View contents of your entire hard drive
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